Christian Story-Tellers, Past and Present


Chris Dyczek, OFM


Most readers of this journal, Dare, as a forum for ideas, will want to involve themselves in later forums for Christian ideas, in circumstances outside of Holy Trinity College. They may be working with catechists, with school teachers, adult education groups or groups on days of renewal and so on. In all of those settings it will be desirable, at least, that those taking part should communicate well and creatively with one another. But some of those who turn up may have had little experience of faith sharing at a well-educated level. They may feel a little threatened if someone else in their buzz group has done a reasonable amount of reading in the area of theology, spirituality and religion. For these reasons, it is worth realising how diversely Christians, over the course of two thousand years, have felt they can connect with Christ, or how surprisingly they may imagine the benefits of his power in their hearts and minds. I shall have to give examples which come from my own experience, most of which has been English, European or North American, but which does include some previous time in an African classroom.


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