History of liturgical development


Givemore Mazhanje, OFM


The task of this article is to give an analysis of the liturgical developments that took place in the Roman Rite during the Medieval Period. These developments can be traced between the fifth to the fifteenth centuries. The shape of the Roman rite liturgy can be attributed to the progress in distinctive practices in the liturgy of the medieval Christian West which were entrenched in Christian antiquity, like the early liturgical forms of Initiation and Eucharist and also the observance of daily prayer. In this way, the medieval period encountered a widening elaboration and expansion of the liturgical life of Christians in various dimensions. A careful examination of the various liturgical books compiled and used during these medieval centuries, books used for Mass, for the Divine Office, and for other liturgical rites can be another better way to study the growth and diversity of liturgical in this epoch.


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